We all have had our fair-share of reading comics, watching movies, series, anime and so on but not all of us took that phase within ourselves and made it a part of our personality. The opposite is somewhat rare. So, when Dhaka Comicon 2016 just went by, I thought those of us who couldn’t attend the event should know what they missed in a non-geeky way, minimizing the “technical lingo” of Comics.


Just for a change think of Comicon not as a comic lovers’ dreamland but as a fair, only, better. This event exists because of the worldwide appraisal of comics, their characters, themes and culture. It is a lifestyle to some people and they ROOT for an event like this all year. You are likely to be left awestruck by the outstanding ambience the comicons create. DCC ‘16 was no different. Taking up the entire 5th floor of Jamuna Future Park excluding the food courts, it was already pretty extravagant an arrangement. Cosplayers are the life of a comicon and so the real party starts when they start coming around evening.

At one corner, a bunch of girls doing stunts or singing songs from their favorite anime, some guys imitating their heroes, everyone suddenly gathering up to dance to a Korean pop song in a completely SYNCHRONIZED manner, a human-sized pikachu coming running out of nowhere- are regular scenarios of a comicon.  The best thing about such an atmosphere is the energy that radiates from the youth present. Those of us, who are yet not accustomed to people being themselves and owning it with pride, showcasing their talents without hesitation, should really start by taking a stroll around the comicon.

Action Figures :

action figures

No matter how distant you are from the comic genre, when you hear about the Transformers franchise, it is bound to ring a few bells because this media franchise comes in endless forms: toys, books, comics, films, animated series, video games, you name it. If your sin of choice is anything from this list, missing this year’s Comicon was a huge mistake. “Toylet”, a stall opened in this year’s Comicon had brought to you the Ah-mazing Transformers autobot Bumblebee! It was an elegant creation and very articulated in design. It had features you wouldn’t imagine it could have; a sheer treat for the eyes if nothing else. Forget I ever talked about Bumblebee because later I saw the Batmobile (making the :3 face). There were metal avatars of Iron Man, Wonder-Woman and almost all other famous comic characters. Bottom line is you don’t have to be a nerd to appreciate the art in them, yes ART.

Caricature :

Who wouldn’t want their cartoon versions done and that too by Cartoon People?? DCC ’16 was made extra colorful by the brush-strokes from this newly emerging bunch of cartoonists. The line in front of the artists would make you question your judgment about sitting for the portrait in the first place but whenever you want to leave the queue, someone would come out with his or her glorious caricature and your feet would be glued to the ground again. This dilemma is not all; you will find yourself crowding around the paintings even if you don’t get one for yourself.

Talent Hunt :

You know in TVCs there is sometimes a little boy who stutters, or a guy who cannot get what he wants because he is under-confident and so on, but at the end something in them changes and they ace the competitions, become stars and what not. These ads speak to us because we all feel the same sometimes. In DCC, you will see very young people showing immense mental growth, pulling off incredibly hard characters, pouring their hearts out to justifiably portray their favorite fictional idols. In the stalls you will see more other such people who have come to show you their creations. Seeing them and their dedication, their knack for cosplaying, singing, dancing, acting, will leave you amazed. Media personalities, teen-idols, singers, artists, RJs were present in plenty in all three days of Dhaka Comicon ‘16. They blended in with the crowd and let their inner kids savor the event. They posed for photos with the cosplayers like fans would do because after all these eccentric-looking lads and lasses are the true stars in this show. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of it, Dhaka Comicon is quite the place to be.  If you want to make friends with some mind-boggling personalities Comicon would be your ticket to it.


lego paradise

Imagine adults making Lego-figures sitting straight for hours. Seems funny? It won’t anymore when you get Lego sets inspired by your favorite TV series, comic series, video games or movies! I gasped seeing so many of such original Lego sets in the Dhaka Comicon’ 16 at a stall named Source. I was just there, walking quite habitually past the vendors and Bam! There it was, the Star Wars Lego set! Someone said it right- miracles happen when you least expect it.



This is the most obvious thing in a Comicon and of course the center of all attention. We can very well relate to this concept, thanks to our schools for “jemon khushi temon shajo”.  However, Comicon cosplay is much cooler. It is cooler not because of the DC-Marvel crossovers, Anime vs K Pop feud, GoT-Stranger Things or any other series’ character adaptations. It is cooler because it says something about you, it is richer because it is creative. No one will come here to judge you for not cosplaying as a teacher; no one will give you bonus marks for portraying a freedom-fighter. A lot of us have grown up watching Cartoon Network. Wouldn’t we love it if we could get to be our idols for a few days? And so the cosplayers go all out in order to recreate their muses.

Concerts :


Just when you think you have had enough of intense cosplay battle, there will be music to get you in the mood in no time. DCC always knows how to put up a good show and this year also has seen renowned artists swarming in the event all the time. On the first day, December 15th, popular band Nemesis performed in the show and got the crowd psyched beyond limits. On the third day Cryptic Fate announced the launching of their next album while their stay in Comicon for a live performance. Moreover, in Saadi’s Collectibles we could see albums released from three record labels including Incursion, Siren and Wreck which contained all types of music.

Shopping Spree:

shopping spree

According to Economics, want will always exceed the supply. If you come to Comicon you better stash your wallet with money because you do not want to face the trouble I faced. Even if you are not a comic-worm, there will be so many desirable merchandises that you simply cannot fight the temptation being a mortal and all. Besides, it’s not shopping if it’s just a souvenir to remember Dhaka Comicon by, right? Right? Jokes aside, there will be not one thing you would want to buy, there will be HUNDREDS! From accessories, clothes to LED lights, you will find everything here with a comic taste to it. Sayonara this month’s pocket money.

Social Media Research :

Events like Comicon are your chance to gain knowledge about terrific Online Pages which in the long run will come in handy. The stalls that were placed in the DCC event are basically Facebook pages built by a few aspiring people who are brilliant in their own ways. Just a handful of stalls will change your whole idea about the youth of our country and you will be amazed to know how creative and diverse these individuals are.


Competitions within competition- that, my friend, is Dhaka Comicon. Apart from the most hyped Cosplay Competition, there were Pop-Cultural Art Competition, Action Figure Photography Competition, Collectors’ Exhibition and to add an icing over the cake, Star Wars Exhibition from Dhaka Museum of Toys and Saadi’s Collectibles. These are all enjoyable for the mere pleasure of it, if not from a fan’s wild perspective.

To sum up, this year’s Dhaka Comicon was a successful successor to the previous ones and even if you are more of a silent observer and admirer of comics and other pop culture, you would have definitely enjoyed DCC ‘16.