In contrast to the prior belief of Aristotle, Oscar Wilde had opined that it is life that imitates art. According to him, life is ever in the search of expressions which art provides. Fast forwarding the bombastic rhetoric, this article constitutes the stories of such artists who had managed to break the fourth wall and establish contact with their inner muse.

Life throws at us all sorts of lemons, small, big, orange-sized sometimes and how we deal with them defines us. Artsy people in Bangladesh face a very unique position because they find people either completely indifferent to their creations or utterly furious. It is by tackling these lemons, sometimes making a painting out of them, finding like-minded fellas, they slowly evolve and so do their work. We never learn how they became what they are today; we only see the ‘end-product’. Thanks to social media, our aspiring artists all have their own Facebook pages now, through which their arts circulate much faster. We aim to acquaint you with some of these awesome pages and the master-craftsmen behind them.


Remember the guy “Deepu No.2,” whose father used to frequently transfer cities due to his job and so he couldn’t make lifelong friends or settle down properly? Well, deja vu alert! The creator of the page Inksmith named Sayeef Mahmud had a similar childhood. He was having a hard time co-operating with his classmates in Comilla because of his excessive interest in cartoons even after reaching ‘that-age’ when it is ‘unlikely’ to be obsessed with these fictional creatures. He found solace in this peculiar time by going back to drawing, his hobby since he was a kid. Is it new for artists to be somewhat ordinary in sports? Sayeef was way sportier in his drawings. He moved back to Dhaka in 2012 and started following a few artists and their pages such as WOLP, Sketchy Stories and Yumnei on Facebook. In a moment of revelation he realised his unique style had not yet been touched upon by others he knew and so, in 2014, he opened the page called ‘Inksmith’.


Remember I talked about lemons? Sayeef’s mom too was edgy about him drawing and then there was the classic “bad boy” tag for not making studies his foremost priority. But Sayeef, I hope you know it is quite a trend among artists to be rebellious and difficult to keep within chains of society. Anyways, his mother obviously was compensated for that because Sayeef’s work was selected to be displayed on the walls of Disney in the Tumblr Fan Meet of Big Hero 6 in 2014. Sayeef’s medium is ink and he has been since brushing up his skills, sometimes taking inspiration from Japanese artists like Takeshi Obata and Ikeda Manabu. He thinks ink makes his art look more detailed and hence more beautiful. Sayeef breathes Harry Potter and if you are a potterhead like him you can make your dream Wands and possibly other props from him. He did a few events and shows with his friends; one named ‘Invisibellas’ and another with the ‘Milkshake Collectives’. In future this amazing fella wants to join the Animation Industry. His motto stands “if you can dream it, I can draw it”. *wink wink* 10 points to Gryffindor!inksmith2And here is a link to the page


I know, I know; the mere name of this page gives you a ‘popular’ vibe because of the obvious allusion to Mozart but check yourself from letting this sense of familiarity define your perspective about this page. Nuzart’s art is in a word, different. Once you start exploring the page, on the outside you will see the lavish use of colors but as Nuzhat Tabassum likes to term it, her artwork contains “Artception” or art within art within art. She is drawn to this psychedelic touch in her art because of its potential to change people’s beliefs, their perspective in seeing things by opening new windows in mind.nuzart

It offers more than merely what you can perceive in plain sight. One of the most interesting things about her art is that it is not slave to papers. She draws on any canvas, be it a long spacious leaf, wood or cigarette. Her ideas are free too, she lets her pen, pencil, paint, brushes do their magic while herself being “a medium helping them sway”. Nuzart has been going places too since the inception of the page in October, 2015. She participated in the MIB Monsoon Meet Up and lately in Psymongol, a psy and music gathering held in Sreemangal. Her greatest achievements according to her are her parents’ trust in her ability and people’s love for her work. Nuzart’s beautiful accessory stock contains wooden pendants, rings, earrings which are state of arts and outstanding in their own way.nuzart2

Here is me saving you from a little trouble  (you are welcome)

Pretty Shitty Art

Saria Saguaro needs little introduction because everyone knows one or two VERSIONS of her at the very least. If you have come across the pages ‘The Flourist’, ‘My Pet Project’ and of course ‘Pretty Shitty Art’, you know Saria because these are all her and the best of her. Surprisingly enough, she is equally a great pastry chef, an animal lover, and of course a pop-artist. Truly speaking from our conversation, she is someone who is very much aware of her senses; if you ask me, she is a born artist. She describes herself to be a visual person who thinks in images and prefers colors over words.pretty shitty art

In her page Pretty Shitty Art you can get a full make-over and renovate your wardrobe because her lot includes tees, pillows, bags, shoes, wallpapers, posters, COOL coasters, (even underwear) and so on. Of course, all these merchandises are made special with her unique art-style, punch-lines and LOVE. Trust me, they have this special power to tickle you until money comes out of your wallet! Saria has been very active in promoting her art since she started painting again in Summer, 2014. After her first event in May, 2015, she joined celebrations at LL6 in October, at Nordic Club in March 2016, participated in a joint event with the ‘Milkshake Collective’ and MIB. Most recently her own event ‘Caturday’ was held from ‘My Pet Project’ in Banani on Saturday, 10th December. The money raised from this will be donated to Animal shelters and clinics such as PAW (People for Animal welfare) Foundation, ALB Animal Shelter and Obhoyaronno, Care for Paws. Although a business endeavor now, Pretty Shitty Art was and still is a gallery for Saria’s artworks first. She loves painting and that’s what drives her to paint. Saria sees herself through her work, she is the art she produces, the feeling her art produces.pretty shitty art2

Last but not the least Oh come on! You saw this coming!

Biskut Factory

Bangla movie posters on the backside of rickshaws in our country follow a very singular art-form, which was quite distinguishable until its distant cousins Tarantino-posters and Prisma came to our sight. Motivated to uphold and honor this eccentric style of ‘folk-art’, Biskut (I am not personifying him, it is indeed his name), a free-spirited man started off his page Biskut Factory in 2016. He primarily focuses on making t-shirts, phone covers, wood-crafts and all these in rickshaw-paint style.biskut

One of the best things about Biskut would be that he doesn’t confine his art within a specific sphere; it is up to you how you would want to value Biskut’s art. Biskut cannot refuse his friends he says and so, he has painted their fancy bikes, cars, food-carts and even apartment-walls provided their tastes match with his. Whether you want your wall painted in a dramatic style containing vibrant splash of colors or not is your choice but you have to admit it would be one sassy wall! Biskut’s work concentrate around hand-paint and he wants to hold onto this particular technique.biskut2

One look around Biskut Factory and you will know you have to get something from there; it is because every one of us feels a deep-rooted attachment to that ever-present yellow-orange rickshaw paint we have passed our school-days gawking and analyzing. Biskut has not only re-incarnated this famous form but also revived it with modern-day catchy inscriptions. If your phone cover shouts “ASHO NA!” with a lewd lip-posing on it, wouldn’t you want it? Or say, if it says “Ajaira Pechaler time nai” while you are on the phone with someone, wouldn’t it be fun? And then there is always the scope to customize them as per your wish. All in all, Biskut Factory has the potential to be more than a factory, to be a brand, an industry maybe? Someday, why not!biskut3

Last time, promise.

Artists try to give expression to our thoughts, desires, our untold stories, culture and heritage by incorporating life in their arts and show how art enriches life, complete it. It is amazing how more people are speaking their minds, putting themselves out there now and contributing with what talent they have in store for us and Facebook has been a great help in this regard.