The word ‘Comic-con’ is no longer foreign to the residents of Bangladesh. Various countries all around the world have embraced the pop-culture explosion over the past decades, reuniting aficionados of TV, anime, video games, comic books, Disney and the supernatural world of superheroes under one roof through Comic-cons. For ages, Bangladeshi fans had yearned for such festivals in their motherland, initially only a colorful celebration in the UK, USA, Australia and Japan. Their wait was finally over in December, 2012 with the inception of one of the coolest events of all time, the ‘Dhaka Comicon’.

The ‘Dhaka Comicon’ is a dream transformed into reality by two relentless admirers of comics, Saadi Rahman (of Incursion Music) and Syed Abu Yousuf (of Roll Out), to spread the fun, celebration and color of the comic universe amidst people of Bangladesh. Both collectors from an early age, they aim to leave strong marks in the pop-culture movement of Bangladesh.

On December 28th & 29th, 2012, the inaugural festival of the Dhaka Comicon was attended by over 7000 diehard fans , many of who dressed up as their favorite characters (known as cosplay), fueling the excitement of the carnival to the fullest. Besides enjoying the company of comic books, pop-culture commodities and memorabilia, fans also got to meet Ahsan Habib, creator of Dhaka’s very own and first ever comic book, UNMAD, and see a preview of awe-striking comics by the a new generation of comic book artists and writers. Visitors also voted for the coolest artworks created by other fans, received illustrations drawn by artists, and bought merchandise including comic books, T-shirts, and action figures. The journey did not end here. The next year brought to us Dhaka Comicon 2013 “Bigger & Better” on 08th & 09th November, boosting the practice of cosplay and pop-arts. Soon, the very first and one of a kind toy museum of Bangladesh, “Dhaka Museum of Toys” opened its doors in the month of July, 2013, boasting Saadi Rahman’s pop-culture collectibles from the 1960’s to date. Boost you thrill with the following video:

The list of cosplayers and visitors only increased when Dhaka Comicon 2014 “Age of Brilliance”, a perfect hub portraying the glam of the comic world, came to play, whereby a wave of live music, exhibitions and photography amazed the crowd. Blasts from the event can be found in:

On December 11, 2015, Dhaka Comicon went “Beyond Borders”, encouraging more people to organize such cosplay carnivals all around the country and cultivating the trend of cosplay among Bangladeshis.

Want to learn more about the experience? Here you go,

The few months following the inception of Dhaka Comicon saw the birth of countless local characters through various comic books, cartoons, games and action figures. And today, the word ‘Cosplay’ successfully brings profound excitement in hearts of Bangaldeshi youngsters as it does to the different photography studios and tailoring shops that solely dedicate their service to cosplayers around the city.

This year, the country’s largest cosplay and pop-culture fiesta returns for the fifth time in a majestic style, bringing together more cosplayers, artists, musicians, comic-artists, merchandise and not to forget, our beloved superheroes. The motto remains the same- to create a weekend of untainted entertainment decked with endearing smiles of a contented crowd. Excited, aren’t you? The Dhaka Comicon 2016 “In Brightest Day” will welcome you at the Jamuna Future Park, Level-5 premises, from 15th to 17th December, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. And, you need nothing more than an entry ticket of Tk. 200 each day and invigorating excitement to be a part of the most action-packed event of the year. This thee-day extravaganza will bring to you not only the annual cosplay competition and Fan Arts but also a power-packed Action Figure Photography Contest.

But what is a carnival without Music? Don’t worry! To add to the attraction, the legendary Band Cryptic Fate, the most-awaited Nemesis, our favorite Uptown Lokolz and Apeiruss and our beloved Indalo will be present on different days at the event to cherish the crowd with their groovy beats. Moreover, day-long contests, for not just cosplayers and photographers but also attendees, will give you the unique opportunity of winning exciting prizes throughout the three days. Besides, BBOTS and K-pop will give you a taste of their flavors through their amazing performances on stage. Not to forget, international brands like Sony will display their products and enhance the Comicon experience with daily activities from platforms of MTalent, Directors Cap, Artist Spread and Campus Sound Box while Cartoon People scribbles your caricatures. In addition, you can always visit the immensely interactive booths of the event radio partners, Radio Dhol 94.0 FM and Jago FM 94.4 alongside the booths consisting of branded merchandise like those of Lego, Hasbro and Neca.

To embrace this hopeful celebration of the world of fantasy, keeping aside the regular worldly concerns, hero up and get you tickets for the Dhaka Comicon 2016 “In Brightest Day”. Become a part of pure enjoyment in this season of happy holidays. This year, it’s going to be, LEGEND, wait for it, DARY… LEGENDARY!
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