MIB Spirit – Made in Bangladesh was back at it from the 5th till the 14th of January. You know, they were back with their enticing demeanor and equally efficient selection of a variety of stalls to celebrate the winter. The organizing brands; MIB Spirit – Made in Bangladesh, Ajo – fast casual and relax dining & SM Products delivered to impress, yet again. The cozy interior of MIB Spirit was enhanced just enough to flaunt the deliveries of the stalls. Not even exaggerating, when I say that the arrangements were made solely based on the very winsome atmosphere of MIB Spirit itself. Photographer Anik Rahman for instance had the chance to display his work, in fact the zone held by Ajo was decorated with the pictures by the adept photographer. The stalls that were present to deliver were mostly online stores, despite the lack of showrooms, they garnered in their devoted fans. Pretty sure all the stores managed to win new fans as well. So let’s jump right into the stalls.

1.6 Yards Story:6 yards story

Founder Lopa Khan hopes to help women define their femininity with the use of her products. The key word to use to define the style of the online store would be ‘traditional’. Their handcrafted jewelleries for instance are unique, so you probably won’t be seeing a lot of the same designs, being worn. A variety of individual designs to please and attract are what you will find from them. Besides jewellery they sell sarees highlighting our traditional vibe for those are made using different elements to meet the desires of the consumers.


The products in Architect Tasnim Ferdous’ boutique will most probably catch the eye for they dwell in colours. Colour are contrasted and matched to form the appropriate formulation of fun. A variety of elements are used to make the clothes trendy and enthusiastic.

3.Footin BD:footin

As the name suggests they specialize in producing and delivering quality shoes. Customer demand based upon the seasons are focused upon so as to enable them with the availability of fashion forward and unique designs in shoes. The international brand arrived from Thailand this year and the price range is flexibly affordable.


The term ‘meehee’ can be associated with pure or fine. The jewelleries by the online store are handcrafted and the almost all the raw materials are Bangladeshi. Sadik Ahamed, Founder, Operator and Creative designer of Meehee, showcases the artistic varieties through his products.


The online clothing stores dabbles in bold colours and designs in contemporary styles to retro styles to even vintage styles. They provide a variety of choices along with a wide range of size options.

6.Framed Magic:famed magic

Artist Rezwanul Haque influenced by Joynul Abedin showcased his paintings and made it available for everyone to buy. He specializes in paintings depicting nature and he hopes to share with the world his passion, through facebook.


They specialize on selling live plants in decorative little pots. If you’re planning to decorate your house or workspace, you can easily make purchases from them. The pots are really attractive and the plants are the cherries on top. The plants will irrefutably help to bring in some green within a place for the natural aestheticism. They came up with a series of decorative pots like tabletops, green top, green crete and green magnet.

8.Clay Station Dhaka:Clay Station Dhaka

They took the liberty of selling their own handiwork during the meet-up but more importantly this open studio was accessible to everyone who desired to make their own items using clay, with the guidance from an expert, then and there! You could have chosen the free hand service where your hand had to be the tool for your craft or you could have picked potter’s wheel, to use it as a tool for your clay craft. Honestly though the name of the store screams ‘fun’ as it is.

9.Biskut Factory:Biskut Factory

They set up an alluring shop with their paintings and art on accessories like phone covers, pins, bags, shoes etc. Their paintings however were the highlight of their stall. It was evident that everything hand been made or drawn using hands. Pretty sure they already have a soaring profile in facebook, so their presence during the meet-up was a pleasant one.

10.Poter Bibi:Poter BIBI

Yet another saree based online store. Their major aim is comfort so they had a vast range of really comfortable, sober yet fun coloured sarees. They also made shawl available during the meet-up, thanks to winter. More often than not they introduce embroidered sarees. But mostly they stick to our traditional roots in terms of designs and materials.


A startup on its way to being noticed specializes in clothing based upon urban trends. They are fairly new but the owners plan on moving forward with only one goal in mind ‘patriotism’. They love their motherland and hope to flaunt it. Success wouldn’t be too cliche a motive for them.

12.La Mode:la mode

The notable store was there with their very popular products. They specialize in shoes and bags and they bring in beautiful colour combinations and patterns in their products. They are pretty active online as well even though they have a few showrooms. Their price ranges are reasonable and let’s just say they know how to garner consumers.


The online based store hope to keep sarees forever in trend, the owners, Tanjeeba and Rehnuma, of the store that is. They come up with trendy, almost romantic ideas that can be implemented on the surface of their sarees. Because of the efficient handiwork, their products stand out as exclusive. Their prices are also affordable because they hope to attract modern women.

14.Glued Together:glued together

An online based crafts and jewellery store. Mehnaz Ahmed Adiba the owner managed to drive her page to prominence mostly because of their objective to tackle the passions of their customers. They observe the on trend galore and they produce crafts based on the popularity for instance they provide game of thrones related crafts. They also sell jewellery of the traditional kind yet they managed to bring in twists in the otherwise basic designs and that is why their products are unique.

15.Organic Essentials:Organic Essentials

A store determined to help take care of ourselves with the use of the purest ingredients. Products that help to take care of our skin, hair and body can be found here. They are active online and they bring products that we don’t normally find in our super shops. They had provided discounts to the customers during the meet-up. Founder Nazia Hossain only hopes to provide the very best devoid of any preservatives.

16.Disha’s Road Block:Disha's Road Blocks

Everyday objects on vibrant and bold clothes like sarees, shrugs and kurtis enable their products to stand out. I mean even Sherlock’s silhouette is available as print on sarees and shrugs! Funky and trendy vibe is the major theme of their products. Suffice it to say the products are incredibly alluring.


Painted, carved and decorated wooden blocks as jewelleries. Doesn’t that sound pleasing? They produce the kind of jewellery that can be worn with practically any outfit regardless of the trend. The arts on the ornaments are cute and not to mention desirable. The ones that are carved, offer a variety of shapes. It’s almost a fresh startup with a promising future.

18.B’s Closett:

B's Closet

“B’s Closett is for dreamers, misfits and lovers. Let us be a part of your story with our handpicked little pretties. RUOK? #projectROUK started late and it talks about mental wellness. Stemmed from this, a self help book called ‘I’m okay’ is on the pipeline. Come talk to us about mental health and help fight against the stigma on mental health.” That was written on their wall and their initiatives are pretty self explanatory. It goes without saying that they are one of the more prominent jewellery stores out there and this time around, they brought in the wanted septum rings.

19.Sweet Potato:Sweet Potato

Sarees, jewelleries, three pieces and shawls were brought in by them. A variety of colours and materials are available in terms of sarees and their best selling jewelleries were sold out as soon as they came in. They bring about attractive pieces that are unique. They also provide sarees with block prints among other varieties of it, like cotton, vegetable dyed, tangail etc.


They came is with stationeries of the minimalistic style and they also had books available. Their products are unique and sophisticated.


The bakery that snatched everyone’s attention as soon as they entered the event. They came in with an array of cakes, cupcakes, tiny sweets that were eloquent in both taste and look. The name of theirs came to be from the stories they try to depict in their work. Consumers who spent more than 250 tk during the meet-up had the opportunity of getting 10% discount on their next online order from Golpo.

22.Live Box Camera Photography:live box camera photography

Mohammad Sobdar an elderly photographer came in with his vintage box camera and the offer was pretty simple. 300 bucks for a vintage photograph. Many a people were interested and they had to provide their address so as to obtain the delivery of their photos. An alternative was a pick up point.


The food store had a hand in organizing the meet-up and they decorated their zone in the most homely yet outgoing way possible. Their food did not disappoint and they even offer a variety of drinks like sofeda mocktail, fresh olive juice. Their white sauce and meat sauce pastas were delicious per usual. THeir seafood bowl had been highly appreciated by many as well.


The character designer and illustrator Waseka Nahar, made her art available to everyone in her stall. Her delightful paintings are something else entirely. It was at least hard for me to peel my eyes away from her arts. Then again I can thank facebook since I can follow her work diligently. Waseka’s stall was all about her undeniably alluring talents. Her digital arts were also available in the form of mugs and t-shirts.

25.MIB Spirit:

Last but not the least. The actual major host of the event had to impress of course! Their new arrivals were as mesmerizing as their already available products. Their products guarantee quality and attractiveness. They had even allowed a 10% discount this time around. And sources say that they are already on the process of arranging a Spring meet-up!